Our Story

What it’s all about?

We believe there’s an innate need for our culture to pause, take a seat, and relate with one another. To actively connect—or reconnect—with our children, friends, neighbors and ourselves.  Our family opened Patisserie 46 with the lofty goal of becoming a warm and welcoming spot for people in our neighborhood to do just that. A place for conversation, respite and escape from daily routines.

And the food?
We wondered: Is it possible to create exquisite, sumptuous and opulent cuisine—while at the same time be down-to-earth, unpretentious and have some fun? That’s what we’re shooting for. We’ve married John’s talent and expertise as one of the country’s finest pastry chefs with our family’s easygoing, loving and sometimes quirky manner. We hope you’ll find the outcome to be a unique mixture that allows you to feel both fanciful and folksy all at the same time.